The District Team…

Chelmsford Scouts is comprised of 26 Scout Group and 10 Explorer Units. Supporting these groups and units are members of the District team. If you would like to get involved, please check out our latest vacancies.

District Commissioner: Rob Lyon

Deputy District Commissioner (Youth Support): Danyel Horner

Deputy District Commissioner (Adult Support): Gwen Hudson 

District Youth Commissioner: Charlotte Campion

Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers): Tracy Dordoy 

Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs): Suzanne Ball

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts): Nicky Skinner

District Explorer Scout Commissioner: Vacant, Apply for this role

District Scout Network Commissioner: Eloise Clackson

District Chairman: Roger Cole

District Media & Communications Manager: Billy Pleydell

District Active Support Unit Manager: Vacant, Apply for this role

Our District team also includes the 26 Group Scout Leaders who manage and support the work of the adult volunteers within the Scout Groups. The District management Team also includes The District Explorer Scout Commissioner, the District Scout Network Commissioner and the District Active Support Unit Manager.

The District Executive Committee

Our District Executive Committee is our Trustee body. They are led by our Chairman, Jan Dear. The District Executive committee comprises of 3 Officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. 4 elected members and 4 members nominated by the District Commissioner. We also have 3 Ex Officio posts which are: District Commissioner, District Explorer Scout Commissioner and District Scout Network Commissioner. The Trustees are responsible for the sound governance of our large and vibrant charity.


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