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Network is the last and oldest section in Scouting’s Youth Programme.

Chelmsford Scout Network was relaunched in June 2019 and are known by their new name of Dragon Fire.

It’s open to all 18-25 year olds within the Association, and provides endless opportunities for its members. From gorge walking, hiking, and trips abroad, there’s always loads on offer, giving Network members a massive selection of things to do. Network is also the last section in which you can complete the Queen’s Scout Award.

Network is flexible, If you’re already a Leader and between the ages of 18 and 25, then you can still be an active member of Network. If your time only allows you the opportunity to take part in Network activities once a month, then that’s fine too. Likewise, if you go away to university, through your local Network you can contact your nearest Network to Uni and continue your Networking whilst you’re there.

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Contact: Eloise Clackson, District Network Commissioner

Don’t forget to join the Chelmsford District Scout Network Facebook Group if you are already a member!

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