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Charity Information

Trustees are the people responsible for controlling the work, management and administration of the charity on behalf of its beneficiaries. The trustees and/or the means by which trustees should be appointed, are set out in a charity’s governing document.

The names of trustees are declared when a charity is first registered. The trustees are responsible for keeping the list up to date and may do this by updating their details online as it happens, using their Annual Return, or for charities with income below £10,000, by using their Annual Update.

Our Trustees:
Billy Davis Pleydell
Bruce Graham Knight* (DESC)
Chris Dear* (Treasurer)
Danyel Robert Horner
Eloise Molly Power Clackson* (DSNC)
Leanne Teri Oscroft* (Co-DC)
Peter Michael Wilkes
Roger Cole* (Chair)
Nicola Jane Hills
Nigel Douglas Wood
Rick Balding* (Secretary)
Rob Cashman
Suzanne Ball* (Co-DC)

If you wish to contact the District Executive Committee you can do so via our District Chairman, Roger Cole,

* Ex-officio members have a role on the Committee due to their role in Scouting. These include:
– District Chairman
– District Commissioner (DC)
– District Secretary
– District Treasurer
– District Scout Network Commissioner (DSNC)
– District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC)

You can view our full charity information on the Government website.

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