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District Coronavirus Guidance and Updates

Readiness Level: RED
(No Face-to-Face Scouting)

As a District, we have listened to our volunteers and recognised that guidance around the ever changing Coronavirus situation can be difficult to keep up to date with. We hope that you find this page useful to answer any questions that you may have and to find information which relates directly to Chelmsford District Scouts. Please check this page regularly, as situations develop or further support and guidance comes to light, we will update this page.

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If you have any questions or just need a bit of clarification around Scouting and Coronavirus please contact us. If you are thinking it, then somebody else probably is too! We’ll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.







8th October 2020, 14:00

5 Step Process

Leaders are required to follow this 5 step process, where you’ll be guided through all of the information you need to know to get your section back together safely.

View the 5 step process: here


Safety Posters

We’re sure that you have been communicating with your families regarding rules, expectations and the extra safety measures which have been put in place for your meetings.

The Brand Centre have produced some excellent safety posters which can be downloaded from their website to help remind your young people of the changes.

View the 5 step process: here




29th September 2020, 17:00

Amber readiness level guidance

This means: Restricted size group sessions can take place indoors and outdoors.

Maximum group size:

  • Activities involving young people: 15 young people and up to 5 leaders.
  • Scout Network programmed activities: 6 people
  • Adult activities (non-social) with no young people present: 6 people

Relevant Government Guidance: National Youth Agency

Face Coverings:

  • Adults must wear face coverings unless they are leading an activity.
  • Scouts and Explorers must wear face coverings indoors, including when using toilet facilities

Social Distancing:

  • All young people in all sections must continue to social distance by 2m from each other where possible and from adult volunteers at all times.

Mandatory QR codes

If you have your own venue, you now need to provide a printed QR code to enable those who are 16 and over to use the NHS Test and Trace app, you can generate a unique code for your venue here. Please note that this is a legal requirement so should be actioned before any activities take place at your venue.




DBS Checks

Whilst Face to Face Scouting has been suspended, managers and commissioners could not try to complete new DBS Applications.

As of the 6th July DBS applications can now be completed.

Guidance on doing so can be found here. A summary of key points:

  • Copies of ID must be scanned / photographed and emailed to the person checking ID. ID verifier must confirm receipt.
  • The person checking ID must see the person via video call or face to face (following Government guidance). You must see the person you are verifying.
  • Checks are carried out and you must be assured the ID is that of the person you are speaking to. If in doubt DO NOT PROCEED.
  • Once verified, you must delete all copies of the ID and relevant data that you held and confirm this to the volunteer.

Any members whose DBS expired whilst Face to Face Scouting will have 90 days from the 7th July to renew their DBS.

Managers should now act on expiry dates and work through their expired DBS as fast as possible.

Members whose DBS has expired may continue to meet digitally during this period. All members must follow this advice when meeting with young people online.


If you have any questions please speak to your line manager.



Answers to your questions

As we receive Coronavirus related questions through our website, we will publish the question and answers in this tab if they may be helpful for others to see. You can send a question to us via the contact page.



We’ve also put together a ‘Chelmsford Scouts – Getting Back Together’ poster which you can download using the link below.

PDF Download

PDF Download




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