How is Scouts managed in Chelmsford?

Each Scout Group consists of different ‘sections’ – which may include a

  • Squirrel Drey (for 4-6 year olds),
  • Beaver Colony (for 6-8 year olds),
  • Cub Pack (for 8-10 ½ year olds),
  • Scout Troop (for 10 ½-14 year olds),

Group Lead Volunteer, is responsible for overseeing and supporting volunteers in each section and manages the Scout Group.

In Explorer Scouts and Scout Network, a District 14-24 Team Leader takes on this role. Chelmsford’s 14-24 Team Leader is Bruce Knight.

Both Group Lead Volunteers and District 14-24 Team Leader are responsible to our District Lead Volunteers. Where a group does not have a Lead Volunteer, Leaders report directly to the District Lead Volunteers.

The District Lead Volunteers are the volunteer managers responsible for the whole of the Chelmsford district. The Lead Volunteers in Chelmsford are Suzanne Ball and Leanne Oscroft.