Nationally, The Scouts have embarked on a massive programme of transformation, all aimed at improving our volunteer culture. A large part of this is a move from role-based to team-based volunteering – making it easier and more flexible for our fantastic volunteers to do what they do best, delivering skills for life to our young people.

As part of this, you’ll notice that lots of our volunteers have new titles; for example our District Commissioners are now our Lead Volunteers – a title that much better explains what they do within Chelmsford Scouts. Over time, these changes will flow down to our groups and units – section leaders will become team leaders, whilst assistant leaders, section assistants and other similar roles will become team members.

Over the coming weeks and months, our district’s new teams will begin operating and gradually building their sub-teams. Most importantly, they’ll still be there to support our volunteers and deliver a fantastic people to our young people. As the teams begin to grow, you’ll start to see our new purple, white, blue and grey district scarves being worn by our volunteers (as modelled below by our Lead Volunteers) – this scarf will be worn by members of all of our teams and sub-teams other than our Gang Show team who already wear their distinctive red scarves.

If you’d like to learn more about our new approach to volunteering, The Scouts have lots of information and videos on why we’re making these changes and how they’ll benefit our members.