Charity information

All about the charity behind Scouting in Chelmsford

Chelmsford District Scout Council is the full name of our charity, and we’re registered in England and Wales as a registered charity with the Charity Commission. Our registered charity number is 302033, and you can see details of our trustees, finance and governance on the Charity Commission’s website.

Locally, our charity is governed by our Trustee Board – a group of volunteers with varying backgrounds and roles within Scouting. Amongst other things, the Trustee Board:

  • look after the District’s finances,
  • ensure buildings, land and equipment owned by the District are safe and in good working order,
  • manage a register of any risks
  • make sure the charity and it’s members follow legal and other requirements

The document that governs the make-up and running of our Trustee Board is our constitution. The latest version was approved at our Annual General Meeting in August 2023.