Our people

Meet our district team

Across Chelmsford, we’ve got over 500 amazing volunteers who help bring Scouting to our local Young People. These volunteers are lead by a team of people, each responsible for a different set of goals in the district.

Lead Volunteers

Suzanne Ball
Lead Volunteer
Leanne Oscroft
Lead Volunteer

Programme Team

Danyel Horner
Programme Team Leader
Unit Programme Support Team Leader
Permits & Accreditation Team Leader
Leanne Oscroft
Gang Show Team Leader
Activities & Events Team Leader

14-24 Team

Bruce Knight
14-24 Team Leader
Unit Programme Support Team Leader
Activities & Events Team Leader
Youth Lead
Young Leaders Team Leader

Volunteering Development Team

Nicola Hills
Volunteering Development Team Leader
Recruitment & Welcome Team Leader
Gwen Hudson
Awards & Recognition Team Leader
Training to Learning Team Leader
Growth & Development Team Leader

Support Team

Andrew Missen
Support Team Leader
Kris Reynolds
Media & Communications Team Leader
Admin Team Leader
Incident & Safety Team Leader
Property & Equipment Team Leader
Riffhams Team Leader
Shop Team Leader

Our District Team also includes the 26 Group Lead Volunteers who manage and support the work of our volunteers within individual Scout Groups.

Our structure

Interested in seeing how our District is structured and where all these people fit into our team of volunteers?

Volunteer vacancies

Take a look at our current volunteer vacancies