Our Structure

How Scouting in Chelmsford is structured

We’re proud to be part of a single, nationwide family of Scouts. But to make sure everyone gets the support they need, we are arranged in different groups and units across our regions and nations. Each is looked after by a volunteer who supports others to help young people gain skills for life.

The basic unit of organisation is the Scout Group. This is based in a local community and usually consists of Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Explorer and Network Scouts aren’t formally part of Scout Groups (although they may have partnership agreements with one) and sit directly within the local District.

Some Groups are larger or smaller depending on where they are located. One Group may contain one or two Squirrel Dreys, one or two Beaver Colonies, one or two Cub Packs and a Scout Troop. Another may consist only of one section.

A number of Groups in a certain locality constitute a Scout District. A number of Districts make up a County (or Area in Wales and a Region in Scotland). As a district, Chelmsford is part of Essex County Scouts.

Our District team is made up of a number of teams and sub teams who provide support to the various groups and units around Chelmsford.

A diagram of our District Structure

Leadership Team

  • Make sure all District teams work well
  • Make sure all teams are inclusive and reflective of the local community
  • Make sure safety and safeguarding responsibilities are fulfilled
  • Support the District Youth Lead to make sure decisions are shaped by young people

Trustee Board

  • Look after the money
  • Ensure buildings and equipment are in good working order
  • Manage a risk register
  • Make sure everyone follows legal requirements

Volunteering Development Team

  • Attract and welcome new volunteers to Group and District teams
  • Make sure volunteers are well-supported
  • Make sure volunteers are recognised
  • Grow sections and groups

Programme Team

  • Help section teams run high-quality programmes
  • Facilitate programme networking opportunities
  • Provide access to specialist expertise
  • Manage approvals for activities and permits

14-24 Team

  • Support each Explorer, Young Leader and Scout Network section team

Support Team

  • Engage with the local community
  • Manage incidents
  • Manage administration, property and equipment


Each group within the District has it’s own structure, very similar to that of the District. The key responsibilities of the Group Leadership Team are to:

  • Support each of their section teams
  • Develop our volunteers
  • Engage with the community
  • Enable growth and new provision
  • Manage incidents
  • Support effective processes
Our people

Find out who volunteers in each of the key roles within our teams

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