Network (ages 18 to 25)

Try more. See more. Do more. At Scout Network, you’ll stand on your own two feet, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Being part of Scout Network

Whether you’re completely new to Scouts or have been with us since you were 5 years old, joining is a great way to meet new people, seek out new challenges and see the world. Because being a grown up shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.


Network start small but think big, always challenging themselves to do more and be more. It all starts with an award.

The Scout Promise

As a values-based movement, we all make a “promise” – an oath that helps us to be our best. Each section has a different promise which can be changed for different religous beliefs.

Joining Network

Network is a little different to our other sections – we have a single Scout Network covering the whole of Chelmsford but there’s plenty of room for you to join them! If you’d like to give it a go, you’ll just need to get in touch with our Network team who’ll be able to let you know where and when they’ll be meeting next so you can join them and meet the other Scouters your age.

Our 14-24 Team

All of our leaders are trained volunteers, working to make sure Scouting is safe, inclusive and accessible. Some lead the Unit week in and week out. Others visit occasionally to help run a session or drop in to share their skills. No matter how much time you have to spare, find out about volunteering on your own terms.