Grants and Loans from Chelmsford Scouts

We can help individuals and groups to ensure Scouting is affordable to all

Each year, weset aside a sum of money to provide support to individual youth and adult members to enable participation in Scouting. Any member of Scouting, including adult volunteers, may apply for a grant or loan. All applications are subject to some rules and conditions.


  1. There is a cap of £150 per member, per year for a support grant.
  2. There is a cap of £1,000 per application for a development grant.
  3. You must give sufficient details of your financial circumstances to be considered for a support grant. Details of salary, income and expenditure will not be necessary but sufficient detail ought to be given to illustrate why financial support is needed for the applicant to participate in scouting.
  4. You should consider approaching the Group Lead Volunteer of the Scout Group that the applicant is a member of before making an application for a support grant. (For example, if financial support is required for the applicant to purchase a scout uniform, have you considered asked your Group whether any second-hand uniforms are available).
  5. There must be evidence of match funding. (For example, if you seek £50 as a contribution towards a Scout event, you must be able to fund at least a further £50, and be supported by the Group for a further £50).
  6. If other sources of grant funding are available then this must form a part of your application. (For example, new sections/units are entitled to apply for a £200 grant from the County Grants Board).
  7. Applications sought for development will need to establish how the sum sought will develop/grow scouting in accordance with Vision 2018, District and Group development plans. i.e., events to enhance and promote your group or section, a group sports day or committee project.
  8. Capital projects, repairs and renewal of buildings and equipment will not be funded.
  9. Funds will be paid to the applicant’s Group/Unit
  10. No retrospective applications
  11. Applications must be completed by persons over 18 years of age. Parents, Guardians or the Group/District Lead Volunteer for the applicant, may complete the application form.
  12. Applications will only be considered by Groups/Units that operate the Gift Aid Scheme.                                                 


  1. The District can provide financial support to Groups by providing short term loans for key projects.
  2. All loans will be available on an interest free basis.
  3. The amount of the loan and the duration of the payment plan is open for consideration
  4. Consideration will be given to the viability of the project, repayment capacity and groups which meet the following principles:
    • Is fully co-educational.
    • Has an agreed development plan and/or plans to work to create one.
    • Operates its governance in accordance with the latest edition of The Scout Association Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) and Charity Commission guidelines and reporting conditions.
    • The Group/Unit will need to supply an up-to-date copy of accounts plus the most recent year end accounts.
    • Can supply a letter from the Group Trustees/Executive committee supporting the request for the loan.
    • Applications will only be considered by Groups/Units that operate the Gift Aid Scheme.                                                 

Other support

Depending on your circumstances, there might be other help available to you.